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I am someone who went to Kenya and never left. I got on a plane, yes. But I left some of my heart and a lot of my mind behind and the journey did not end. I have had the privilege to discover amazing inspiring ideas, people and places and Kenya has taught me a lot. I have also realized that I have been privileged to learn and see things that many people outside Kenya, even visitors, actually have not seen. As we all know not all stories get attention in interational media, and some angles get a disproportionate share of space especially in Western media. I am very aware that the Kenya that is part of my daily life, is not what I see in Western media most of the time and also not what I saw in school books growing up. For this enlightening continuous experience I thank my Kenyan friends who welcome my curiosity with generosity, openess and honesty.

I fell in love with a country and all the stories it has to tell. Not blind love that idealizes. Awakened curious awed confused amused inspired never-ending love.

For the moment this is the amount of space I will dedicate to presenting myself because that is not what I am here to focus on right now. This blog is the story about the stories I believe we do not see enough of when Kenya is portrayed in the media outside of Africa, many media actors indulge in a single-story perspective on a very complex rich country in a way that to me feels unmodern and disappointing. (For more on the concept of a “single-story” I warmly recommend anyone to watch writer Chimamanda Adichie’s TED Talk on this topic. It is relevant to anyone, regardless of race, religion or culture.)

There are many many stories that deserve to be told about Kenya and there are many people in the world who deserve to hear them.

Meanwhile in Kenya is for everyone interested in more than a single-story about Kenya. Some of you will be journalists and media looking for inspiration and ideas. I am happy to provide you with that and also to collaborate on content with you or provide good contacts if I can. It is also a place for anyone interested in art, photography, fashion, music and creative entrepreneurship. Some of you will be generally interested in Kenya, maybe because of an unforgettable trip. Welcome.  A very particular kind of appreciation goes to Kenyan readers in Kenya and in other places in the world. If you enjoy the content on this blog and the Instagram that makes me really happy and proud. And those of you who find this place for another reason – you are so welcome too. Karibu.

Given the content of Meanwhile in Kenya, I am often contacted by people or companies asking for recommendations because they are looking for a photographer or other contact in Kenya. I am happy to provide this service and therefore also always looking for talent.

Please feel free to share your story and perspective with MiKE. Also if you know of a story to share that you think belongs here suggestions on content are welcome. Send an e-mail to hello(at)meanwhileinkenya.com

Send an e-mail to hello(at)meanwhileinkenya.com

For questions about collaboration or other enquires please write to hello(at)meanwhileinkenya.com





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