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For something like the last two weeks one of the highlights in my feeds has been videos of people dancing. Sauti Sol released a new single “Sura Yako” recently and being the geniuses they are at both music and making their music about something bigger they came up with this dance theme idea. I will come back to Sauti Sol communication in my upcoming interview with their publicist Anyiko Owoko because it is really interesting and inspirational. But for now, I just want to share #Lipaladance with you because there is a competition and the deadline (it has been extended) is tonight…


“Sura Yako” is a very very dancy song. When it was released there was first a super cute lyrics video but then came a video of the Sautis dancing with Sarakasi, a dance school in Nairobi. And then they launched the competition inviting fans to send in videos of them dancing to “Sura Yako”. The response has been massive and the videos are amazing. Some are humoristic, some dead-serious amazing, some so cute you just melt. To find them look for the hashtag #Lipaladance on Instagram or Twitter or just go to Sauti Sol’s profiles and you will find this and more. So much groove, so much joy.

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