Hi! Welcome to Meanwhile in Kenya. You are now reading the very first post, but trust me, you are witnessing the step of what is likely to be a very long exciting journey. The simple reason for that – the access to great content is never-ending. I am very happy that you are here right now, I hope you will want to return and I also hope that you will join me in sharing and spreading great stories about inspiring people and inspiring ideas. They deserve it, as much as I think that you deserve to discover them. That is why today, on Monday, August 18th, I am starting this project.

I am someone who went to Kenya and never entirely left. I got on a plane, yes. But I left some of my heart and a lot of my mind behind and the journey did not end. In the last months I have made new friends and had new experiences that have kept this bond alive. Through this I have had the privilege to discover so much amazing inspiring Kenyanism. But I have also realized that I have been privileged to learn and see things that many people outside Kenya, even visitors, have not seen, For this I thank my Kenyan friends for the generosity and honesty with which they have welcomed my curiosity.

There is no such thing as an objective perspective so however I work with this blog it will also be – the story of a mzungu that went to Kenya and fell in love with a country and all the stories it has to tell. Not blind love that idealizes. Awakened curious awed confused amused inspired never-ending love. But for the moment this is the amount of space I will dedicate to presenting myself because that part is not what I am here to focus on right now. This blog is the story about the stories I believe we do not hear enough about when Kenya is portrayed in the media outside of Africa, especially right now in these last months when many media actors have indulged in a single-story perspective on a very complex rich country in a way that feels unmodern and disappointing. There are more stories that deserve to be told and you deserve to hear them.

I am writing this blog for everyone interested in more than a single-story. Some of you will be journalists and media looking for inspiration and ideas. I am happy to provide you with that and also to make content for you. Some of you will be interested in art, fashion and music and find your way here through that. Some of you will be generally interested in Kenya, maybe because of an unforgettable trip. Welcome. And those of you who find this place for another reason – you are so welcome too. Please feel free to share your story and perspective. Also if you have a story to share that you think belongs here – suggestions on content are welcome, also press releases and such things.

This blog will hopefully attract some relevant advertisers, and maybe other collaborations that bring some income. This money I will use to develop this concept and find more ways to share good stories and to travel to Kenya.

One thing Kenya reminded me of is how much people can do to help each other realize ideas, the strength and smile that comes with doing things together and giving each other affirmation. This first post is dedicated to amazing musician and photographer Joe Were, a person I met on this journey who inspires me and other people so much. Thank you for fanning my creative flames Joe.

Sawa! Let’s go. Have a good day, I need to start editing my next post.




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