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As a serious music lover it is only natural that many of my daily conversations revolve around music and music is always an essential part of traveling for me. Many of my friends are also music lovers and some of them musicians. And still, I knew nothing about Kenyan music before going to Kenya. I am saying this to make sure than anyone reading this post who is in that situation feels ok about it. Kenyan music IS surprisingly unknown in the world and my guess is there are several reasons for this, promotion/marketing and practical things such as visas like that being part of it. I hope to write more about this with the help of some music industry people and see what can be done better. But for now let me start by giving you some nice music suggestions one by one.

Let’s start here. The album Sorry For The Delay by Just A Band is on constant repeat in my Spotify this last week.


For non-Spotify users:

Just A Band Sorry for The Delay

These are the guys, photo from this article on Omg! about their latest video.

Just A Band

Just A Band

Happy grooving!

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