SEE: TEDX with Mark Kaigwa

Kenyan creative entrepreneur Mark Kaigwa is one of our favorite Kenyans. Always up to something interesting, always sharing some great insight, always so nice. Mark is the Founder & Principal of Nendo, a strategy & storytelling consultancy in digital media in Africa and a very popular speaker across continents as the Western world is becoming increasingly aware of the amazing digital development in Africa. In 2013, Mark was recognized by Forbes as one of the “30 Best Young Entrepreneurs in Africa”. ION, awesome inspiring guy.

We are happy and proud to share this talk that was given by Mark at a TEDx event a few days ago with you. (And we are hoping to have some more Mark here on Meanwhile In Kenya soon. Just wish-thinking out loud.)

In this TEDx talk Mark takes us time travelling through the social media landscape and Kenyan political and pop culture history while sharing insights and reflections. Enjoy!

For more of Mark’s work we recommend you explore for example these awesome recent projects: “The A to Z of Kenyan Twitter” and “The Nendo Social Media Trend Report”.

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